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Woodhouses Iron Age Hill Fort

OS Grid ref:- SJ513756

Woodhouses Iron Age hill fort lies to the East of Helsby, and at the northern end of the Mid Cheshire Ridge.

Woodhouses Hill

Woodhouses Hill

Woodhouses Hill, which rises to 137 metres, has steep cliffs on the western sides, providing a natural defense. It is defended by a rampart to the north and east where the ground slopes more gently.

Woodhouses Hill Fort

Woodhouses Iron Age Hill Fort

Excavations in 1951 revealed that the rampart was originally 4 metres high and revetted with stone on both sides. A number of small rounded stones, believed to be slingstones, have been found on the site.

The fort site and the surrounding areas fall within Snidley Moor Wood, and is much overgrown with trees, shrubs and bracken. The Sandstone Trail long distance route passes close to the hill fort.

A walk to Woodhouses Hill Fort

Woodhouses Hill Woodhouses Hill Fort

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