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Teg's Nose Country Park

Tegg's Nose Country Park a winner of the Green Flag Award, lies on the border of Cheshire and Derbyshire's stunning Peak District.

Tegg's Nose Country Park

Originally known as "Tegge's Naze", "Tegge" might have been the name of an early Norse settler, while "nose" probably refers to the southern promontory. The park is situated in what was once an old Macclesfield quarry, quarrying has taken place at Tegg’s Nose since the sixteenth century and continued until 1955. Some of the old quarrying machinery can still be seen lying about the area, including a jaw crusher used to crush the quarried rock into smaller pieces. The park is now used for recreation. The area consists of open heather moorland, meadows and woodlands and offers very good walks, with superb views over Macclesfield Forest.

Tegg's Nose Reservoir and Macclesfield Forest from the Country Park

Tegg's Nose ReservoirTeggs Nose Country Park

There is a waymarked trail around the park, known as Tegg's trail. A short walk to Tegg's Nose Summit, at a height of 380m or 1246ft, offers stunning views across the Cheshire Plain and across to the summit of Shutlingsloe which is the second highest point in Cheshire as well as the Telecoms Tower on Sutton Common, the Macclesfield Canal and Jodrell Bank. On clear days it is possible to see as far as the Welsh Hills and the Liverpool cathedrals across the Cheshire plain.

Some of the views from Tegg's Nose Summit

Tegg's Nose Country ParkTegg's Nose Country Park

There are two reservoirs in the Country Park, which are Bottoms Reservoir built in 1850 and the smaller Teggs Nose Reservoir constructed slightly later in 1871. They were constructed to supply the nearby village of Langley.

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Tegg's Nose Country Park Trail

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