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Treak Cliff Cavern

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Treak Cliff CavernTreak Cliff Cavern is a show cave of international fame and geological importance, located on the Old Mam Tor road near to the village of Castleton in the Peak District National Park.

The cave was originally a mine, dug mainly to mine Blue John, miners in the 1750's constructed tunnels using only hand tools to reach the Blue John Stone deposits inside the hill.

The Stork, Treak Cliff CavernThe Cavern is an underground wonderland of stalactites, stalagmites, rocks, minerals and fossils. It is also Home to Blue John Stone, a rare form of Fluorite with beautiful colours. It is believed it was originally given its name from the French "bleu et jaune" -the "blue and yellow" stone. Blue John is popular as an ornamental stone and mined for 300 years, one of the largest pieces ever found is still in situ called ‘The Pillar’. The Blue John Stone in Treak Cliff Cavern can be seen all around the walls and roof of the Witch’s cave.

The guided tour takes the visitor deep underground to see multi coloured flowstone adorning the walls of Aladdin’s Cave, the stalactites and stalagmites in Fairyland and the Dream Cave. The most famous formation is ‘The Stork’, standing on one leg. (pictured right)

Treak Cliff Cavern has some of the finest stalactites and stalagmites in the Peak District with wonderful water worn chambers, ideal for studying the water cycle, limestone and other materials.

The cavern has a few different types of wildlife living within it including Daubenton's bat.

Guided tours take about 40 minutes, the caverns are illuminated by electric lighting and the footpaths are clean, safe and non-slip with steps here and there to make the going easy, there are also special events held at certain times during the year.

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