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Rivington Reservoirs

The Rivington Reservoirs, to the west of the village of Rivington are situated in a wide shallow valley, near Winter Hill on the West Pennine Moors. The reservoirs are surrounded by some of the most attractive scenery in Lancashire, which has been likened to a miniature Lake District. They consist of a chain of eight different reservoirs constructed between 1850 and 1857 for Liverpool Corporation and designed by Thomas Hawksley, which all flow into Lower Rivington Reservoir, the lowest and largest of the eight.

Rivington ReservoirRivington Reservoirs

Upper Roddlesworth, Lower Roddlesworth, and Rake Brook reservoirs are situated near Brinscall, in Chorley. These three feed into a channel called The Goit, which carries water into Anglezarke Reservoir which, along with Yarrow and High Bullough Reservoirs, feeds through into Upper and Lower Rivington.

Rivington Country Park has woodland paths and moor side walks, which afford spectacular hilltop views of the surrounding countryside. A folly on the banks of the Lower Rivington Reservoir is a replica of Liverpool Castle, and to the south west is the Headless Cross at Grimeford Village. Remains of buildings covered by water when the reservoir was filled can be seen when water levels are low.

Liverpool Castle on the banks of Lower Rivington Reservoir and view over the West Pennine Moors

Lower Rivington ReservoirWest Pennine Moors

Walking and riding trails in and around the area pass a host of interesting features including two cruck barns, the Old Castle, ruined reduced scale replica of Liverpool Castle, Leverhulme's Terraced Gardens and Rivington Pike. The Pigeon Tower, set on the hill behind Rivington Hall  was built to provide stunning views, it was formerly used as a sewing room by Lady Leverhulme. The Bungalow Grounds, locally known as the Chinese Gardens.  were constructed by Lord Leverhulme on the slopes below the Pigeon Tower.

Rivington ReservoirsRivington Reservoirs

The Rivington Hall estate, adjacent to the shores of Lower Rivington Reservoir, was purchased by William Lever at the turn of the twentieth century who used his wealth to renovate the old barns and create a large public park. Above Rivington, are the Terraced Gardens, all that now remains of the former house and estate of Lord Leverhulme. Bronze age burial sites have been found on several hilltops, including Winter Hill

High Bullough Reservoir, the oldest reservoir in the Rivington chain is a popular spot with walkers and forms part of the Anglezarke Trail. Originally known as Chorley Reservoir, it has since been disconnected from the rest of the system and is now a nature reserve.

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