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Knutsford Heritage Centre

The Knutsford Heritage Centre was opened in 1989, and is built on the site of a seventeenth century timber framed building of which the present building is a reconstruction. The Heritage Centre provides a valuable source of information on Knutsford's history.

Previously known as Musgrave's Yard, the site was once an ironmonger's shop, with its forge, anvil and an original set of bellows now preserved all on display. The site had sadly been left to ruin over the years but in 1988, The Groundwork Trust invested 100,000 to renovate and develop the area into what is now The Heritage Centre.

The centre features videos of Knutsford's history. The Millennium Tapestry is housed in an adjacent gallery. The traditional local May Day maypole dance is commemorated in a wrought iron gate to the courtyard.

The Centre is most famously home to the Knutsford Millennium Tapestry, the tapestry was created between 1997 and 2001 to celebrate Knutsford in the Millennium year. A 40 feet long triptych, this community project depicts all walks of life in Knutsford and is the work of over 3,000 members of the local community. Each road, street and lane of Knutsford can be seen on the tapestry along with over 500 everyday scenes.

Knutsford Heritage Centre also boasts two courtyard gardens maintained by a team of volunteers. The front yard, full of colourful pots and baskets, greets visitors to the centre and a walled cottage garden between the two buildings has an array of Old English plants, herbs and flowers. During the summer seasons, visitors may purchase plants from the gardens.

The Centre has a well-stocked gift shop with Tapestry merchandise, books on local heritage, postcards and books.

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