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Knowsley Safari Park

Knowsley Safari ParkKnowsley Safari Park is one of the most popular visitor attractions in the north of England.

The 550 acre park on the Earl of Derby's estate was opened in July 1971 by Edward Stanley, 18th Earl of Derby and Jimmy Chipperfield and offers a unique five-mile safari drive along roads lined with animals from all over the world. It is the only safari park in the North West and one of only five in Britain.

The safari park's 500 mammals include rhinos, camels, buffalo, bison, wildebeest, lions, tigers, zebra, baboons, monkeys, deer, antelopes and wallabies. Current top attractions include the three white rhino calves, Binta, Kifaru and Tatu and the ever popular young elephants, Ashanti and Nala. Other recent arrivals at the park include a pack of 12 very rare African Hunting Dogs and a pair of Red River Hogs.

For many visitors it is the baboons and their antics which remain the real stars of the show. The park now offers an alternative 'bypass' route around the outside of the monkey jungle for visitors wishing to avoid any potential damage to their vehicle. Visitors taking this route still have an excellent view of the baboons.

Other attractions at the park include a sealion show, more than 20 amusement park rides, off-road driving challenges, aerial extreme ropewalks and a walkaround animal area where elephants, giraffe, meerkats and otters can be viewed at close quarters. Knowsley's Bug House offers everything from snakes to lizards and cockroaches, There are also goats, lambs, cattle and horses at the Childrenšs Lake Farm. The park also features a 15 in (381 mm) gauge railway, 'The Lakeside Railway', on which visitors may tour parts of the site.

As well as the exotic animals at Knowsley, the park offers a wide range of native British wildlife. 10 species of waterfowl nest around its lake, kestrels and buzzards can be spotted in the woodland and brown hares, stoats, weasels, grey squirrels and red squirrels can also be seen.


Exit the M62 at junction 6 then leave the M57 at junction 2 and follow the brown Safari Park signs.

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