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Gib Hill Barrow

OS Grid ref:- SK 160635

Gib HillThe large burial mound of Gib Hill is thought to be a Neolithic oval barrow with an Early Bronze Age round barrow superimposed at one end.

The barrow measures 5 metres high and 10 metres in diameter. The monument is atmospherically set amid high moorland near the town of Bakewell and lies some 300 metres south-west of the more widely known Arbor Low Stone Circle and may once have been connected to Arbor Low by an earthen bank.

The barrow was excavated 3 times in the nineteenth century, firstly by Mr Thornhill in 1812, and again by William Bateman (the father of Thomas Bateman) and S. Mitchell in 1824, the last excavation was carried out by Thomas Bateman in 1848, this excavation, which was achieved by digging a tunnel into the mound from the south, unearthed a stone cist dating from the early Bronze Age, the cist contained a cremation and food vessel, as well as flint and other stone tools that appeared to be grave goods.

The monument is in the care of English Heritage.

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