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Fernilee Reservoir

OS Grid ref:- SK014769

An increased demand for drinking water in the early twentieth century led Stockport Corporation Waterworks to purchase the Goyt Valley for the building of two reservoirs. The farms and houses in the valley were emptied and demolished by the 1930's in order to provide an uncontaminated water catchment area.

Fernilee Reservoir

Building on Fernilee Reservoir was completed in 1938. It cost about 480,000 to construct and holds 4940 million litres. The Chilworth Gunpowder factory, believed to date back to the 16th century, now lies beneath the waters of the reservoir. A serious explosion at the factory in 1909 killed three men, but it was still very active during the First World War. The water treatment works below the dam were constructed using stone from the demolished Errwood Hall.

Fernilee Reservoir

North West Water now own much of the Valley and the surrounding moorland, which is the water catchment area for Fernilee and its neighbouring reservoir, Erwood. Together these two reservoirs supply an average of 7-8 million gallons of water a day, some direct to Whaley Bridge and the rest to the Stockport region.

From the Errwood Reservoir dam the view of the view of the reservoir is magnificent. Common sandpipers and other birds breed along the reservoir banks. The noisy canada geese and mallard are the most common summer residents.

A walk in the Goyt Valley from Fernilee Reservoir

Errwood Hall Errwood Hall

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