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Clearbeck Garden

Clearbeck GardenClearbeck Garden, lovingly created from a derelict farm, has a distinctive and natural look, incorporating both sculpture and water and boasts a 2 acre wildlife lake . Art and water are the two key features of the garden. 'A surprise round every corner' is the most common response as visitors encounter fountains, streams, ponds, sculptures, boathouses and follies: (Rapunzel's tower, temple, turf maze, giant fish made of CDs, walk-through pyramid).

The house has a roomy balcony, from where tea can be taken overlooking much of the garden. Beneath the balcony is a terrace planted with shrubs and perennials - hebes, geraniums and heathers - and with an unusual glass sculpture. Below the terrace a large irregular lawn has grass paths radiating out. One path follows a series of pools planted with water lilies down to the two-acre wildlife lake with its lush margins, another leads to a pyramid, the entrance to a small secret garden with its own pool.

Beyond a second, raised terrace are fine views over the garden and lake. There is a bog garden surrounding a small natural stream and throughout the garden many shrub roses, grasses and bamboos. Beyond that vistas lead the eye to the Three Peaks of Yorkshire and undulating fields local fields grazed by sheep and cattle. The garden is open to the public several times during the summer months for the National Garden Scheme.


Clearbeck Garden is situated 13 miles north east of Lancaster. Follow the signs from Wray (M6 jct 34, A683, B6480) and Low Bentham.

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