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The Blue Planet Aquarium

The award winning Blue Planet Aquarium at Ellesmere Port is the largest aquarium in the UK, and boasts two floors of interactive displays and exhibits.

The Blue Planet holds more sharks than anywhere else in Britain, holding more than ten different species from around the world including sand tiger sharks.

At this highly popular attraction visitors journey through the waters of the world, from the misty northern streams to the shark inhabited waters of the Caribbean. The Blue Planet holds a massive variety of fish and amphibians, including Poison Dart frogs from the Amazon. The Rockpool area has crabs , rays, starfish and more.

At the heart of this ultimate underwater adventure is the Aquatunnel, with its moving walkway. The Aqautunnel, at seventy metres, is one of the longest in the world.

The aquarium also offers the unique and exciting opportunity to swim with sharks - see the Blue Planet web site for further details.

Caribbean themed restaurant and gift shop.


Blue Planet Aquarium is at junction 10 of the M53 and is easy to find from the M56 and M6. If you're travelling from the M6, join the M56 at J20, then head towards Ellesmere Port and turn onto the M53 at junction15. Follow the brown tourist information signs for Blue Planet and Cheshire Oaks.

Visitor Attractions