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Blackpool Sea Life Centre

Blackpool Sealife CentreThe Sea Life Centre in Blackpool, billed as a "friendly and authoritative guide to the last great frontier...the seas and oceans of the world and their myriad mysterious and amazing inhabitants." The centre is home to one of the largest collections of tropical sharks in Europe. Housing more than fifty spectacular displays and over 1,000 assorted sea creatures it takes visitors on a journey from the coastline and sandy shallows to the ocean depths.

A highlight for every visitor at Sea Life Blackpool is undoubtedly the mighty ocean tank, teeming with tropical sharks and colourful reef fish viewed from the amazing vantage of a walkthrough underwater. Feeding demonstrations throughout the day provide insight into the marvels of the marine world.

The centre brings together the world’s largest variety of sharks and explodes the myths surrounding the most misunderstood creatures of the Ocean. From native to tropical sharks including the impressive Bowmouth shark, watch these graceful, awe inspiring beasts as they navigate the deep. Regular talks and feeding demonstrations provide as deeper insight into the mysteries of marine world.

Relax in the sea-view cafe whilst younger visitors can explore the soft play area, complete with slide and ball pit.

Blackpool Sea Life centre is open seven days a week from 10am…every day of the year bar Christmas Day.

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