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Anderton Nature Park

Anderton Nature Park lies adjacent to the historic Anderton Boat lift, close to Northwich town centre. The site, once an industrial wasteland, is a haven for wildlife and in particular a favourite haunt for both keen and amateur botanists where a Wild Flower Trail can be discovered by those wanting to explore.

Wild Primroses at Anderton Nature Park

Anderton Nature Park

During the 1900s liquid, lime-rich waste was created by the local soda industry. Large areas of land were enclosed with ash clinker walls and filled with waste which gradually solidified. The land became derelict in the 20th century. Today the salt, lime, ash and clinker all create different conditions which allow some unusual plants to thrive at the park. In June and July there are spectacular displays of orchids.

The Trent-Mersey Canal

Anderton Nature Park

The park stretches along the northern side of the River Weaver and Witton Brook from Anderton Boat Lift in the west to Haydn's Pool in the east.

The open water areas provide breeding and wintering sites for ducks, and smaller ponds within the park support several species of dragonfly along with the common toad, common frog, smooth newt and great crested newt. Hadyn's Pool is an important site for waterfowl including the green sandpiper.

Anderton Nature Park forms part of the Northwich Woodlands, an area of 350 hectares of parkland. Its network of surfaced paths provides many routes accessible to all and appeals to a variety of users including horseriders, cyclists, nature lovers and families. Northwich Community Woodlands is made up a number of different sites and includes Marbury Country Park, Anderton Nature Park, Dairy House and Witton Mill Meadows, Uplands and Hopyard's Woods, Neumann's and Ashton's Flashes, Furey Woods and Carey Park.

Anderton Boat Lift

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